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Discover the Power of

Body Recomposition

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welcome to the peach haus

Personal Training meets Group Fitness

Peach Haus takes a completely new, individualized take on Group Fitness. We understand that two people may have the same end goal, but how you get there can look completely different. We take into consideration your goals, genetics and fitness level to customize each class for you! 

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ditch the cardio, grab the weights

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Physique

Most fitness classes aim to burn calories WHILE you workout, however, by increasing muscle mass your body will burn MORE calories, even at rest. Body Recomposition involves sculpting the physique by shedding fat, and gaining muscle at the same time. We're not so concerned with the number on the scale. Lifting heavy won't make you bulky - but it WILL transform your body in ways you never thought possible. 

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